Stories of abuse and neglect

The past few weeks have once again opened my eyes to neglect and I would also say abuse within the social care system and the abuse that happens in the mental health system.
My mum with a label of schizophrenia who lives in a home which I can’t name, but if anyone wants to know they can DM me, had left my mum with a bed sore and oral thrush and she had ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia .

They just a week before had informed us via. CPA meeting they wanted her to leave her home as they couldn’t manage. They didn’t mention her bed sore or the thrush I’m guessing they knew but if they didn’t it just showed the neglect of her by them.

My mum had lived in that home for 20 plus years and they wanted her to leave just like that. She had a stroke a year ago and had now finds it difficult to get around and her speech is very limited she’s 80 and the home she had for all those years wants to throw her out . She has friends there and yes she gets angry frustrated I’m guessing as she was in pain and couldn’t do what she used to be able to.

I’d be angry too if I were in her position I’d be livid and I am so so angry with them I’m fuming I could swear all over this post and I have whilst writing. We’ve kept quiet on occasion as we feared she would be thrown out. An instance of this was when a member of staff restrained her aged 76 with her legs over her head, my mum had insulted her and was assaulted by the woman. The police were involved but the case was dropped, I mean who would believe a person with schizophrenia and her fellow housemates who witnessed it? Not a court that’s for sure. The woman was dismissed I’m guessing she’s working somewhere else in the system doing who knows what? We felt gagged afraid to complain anymore, afraid for our mum.

We’ve been visiting as a family to the hospital the past few weeks and we believe her home won’t have her back . Not one person has visited her from there … They are uncaring people in my opinion . It’s her home damn it it’s her home.

I’m sad very sad for my mum and my family… Things are hard enough as it is knowing you have to trust people for the care of someone but you find out they don’t give a damn .

My second story is that of my nephew with autism who was in a home in the community really happy then his ‘carers’ started to sanction him not letting him have his treats train rides and hot chocolate, I thought negative reinforcement had gone out with the dark ages my sister said. He ended up getting more frustrated and violent and ended up being sectioned and thrown into the mental health system. It was there he had his arm broken in an illegal restraint all on CCTV.
He then was under a psychiatrist who told my sister she couldn’t visit as it was her fault he was so bad, but we all knew she was the person keeping him out of forensics which is where they said he needed to be , this psychiatrist thought he had to learn how to behave and should be punished not allowed things. This doesn’t help anyone especially with autism it’s barbaric and a nonsense in my opinion .
I love my nephew he tells me four stories and that’s his world it keeps him together and makes him happy. You can either get into his world or drag him into ours which to him is a scary place.I like his world best and he’s brilliant at dates of things, unbelievable in fact he has his talents, I love him he’s an amazing young man.

The psychiatrist lost his battle with the visits and then abruptly took him off clonazepam which made him poorly and was highly dangerous and could cause fits . One day on it the next off. This abuse by this man was unbelievable and my sister was powerless as he was under section. She did stick by him though and complained and the psychiatrist suddenly disappeared … We think he resigned and I wonder who he is punishing now?
The good ending to the story is my sister kept battling and he’s back now in the community at a brilliant place his own flat where he gets lots of support and positive reinforcement .

These stories though as I recount them make me angry, sad ,frustrated , scared and I see many like them on Twitter . If you follow @schizoaffected you can see how she was illegally sectioned and totally traumatised by the experience and by the distress the complaint procedure is causing to her when people don’t accept responsibility. I stand in solidarity with you.

All of this abuse, neglect and not thinking about the effects of actions against people, I wonder how many others it’s happening to?
My mum being removed from her home left to sit in her own piss so she got a bedsore, my nephew abused by a psychiatrist….. how the hell is this allowed to happen?
When you as a family and as a carer feel vulnerable for that vulnerable person, afraid they will be punished if you complain or lose their care that’s what makes me so so sad and so so angry I just cry . We couldn’t contemplate my mum losing her friends her home but now she is …..

My family are managing the best we can each doing our share of caring, it’s so difficult somedays and I reach out to all carers some who work day and night and who worry about their family member in a home.

My sister @TwittleyJules has written a song about her experiences with my nephew and is setting up a just giving page to buy it.
Finally I’d like to hear from others in this position and I’d like things to change but not sure how this will happen.
Who is being neglected and abused in the health and care system?
Who is being really well looked after I know there are brilliant people out there ..?


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I campaign for better services for people with BPD. I run #BPDchat onTwitter on Sundays at 9pm BST, please join us. I train CMHT staff in BPD awareness and run psycho-educational courses for people with BPD. I am a governor at Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust.

6 responses to “Stories of abuse and neglect”

  1. twittleyjules says :

    Just one story of neglect in care is too many, too much. But I could tell you hundreds.

  2. Hazy Daisy says :

    I’m so sorry. This is just so sad. I’ve had bad & good experiences with professionals but your experiences are far worse than mine. I hope things improve soon. Take care lovely. Sending you hugs x

  3. twentyfiveandtwo says :

    This is horrible to hear, and sadly not as shocking as it should be. I often find it difficult to tell whether or not I am being treated entirely fairly by ‘the system’ or not, but cases like these are unequivocally sickening.

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